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We can provide basic fixed price installations for any style of slim line tank. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete a standard installation if all goes well and there aren’t any unforeseen difficulties.

We will provide a specific quote if the installation is more than a standard basic install and if there is more than 1 x tank going to be connected.

Standard basic installation prices include the materials required to connect a downpipe [within 2 meters of the tank], install a low-level tap with a hose connector, secure the tank with wall brackets [purchased separately], and install the overflow directing it into an existing soak well or onto the ground if there isn’t a soak well.

Our standard basic installations require 4 – 6 meters of 90mm stormwater pipe, 3-4 x 90mm elbows, saddle clamps, downpipe adapters, various screws, wall plugs, bolts and pop rivets, pvc glue and thread tape, ball valves, nipples and hose connectors.

Standard basic fixed price installations include a first flush system that is installed to prevent leaves and small particles from entering the tank.

Price: $500.00

Optional extras can be added to an installation. For more information about the optional accessories, click on the link.
Optional Accessories
Bucket Outlet = $55.00
Leaf Eater = $70.00
First Flush Diverter = FREE with Installation

Ask us about pump installations and connections to toilets, laundries, and irrigation.

Standard basic fixed price installations do not include the construction of a pad to place the tank on. The existing pad or pavers have to be 100% level.

If you are going to install your new tank yourself we will be happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you. Give us a call or send us an email at any time.

See our downloadable instructions giving specific dimensions for concrete pads for wall mounted and free standing Slim Thin Tanks in all sizes.

1000L-installation-pad dimensions

2000L-installation-pad dimensions   

3000L-installation-pad dimensions

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