1000 Litre Slim Thin Tank

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Price $1,355.00

Length: 2400mm
Height: 1850mm
Width: 260mm

Due to the narrow foot print of the tank it is essential for safety reasons that it be secured to either a brick wall or to the ground. If securing the tank to the ground, a 65mm square fence post x 2 can be purchased from us.

Wall Brackets = $40.00 per set
65mmx65mmx2250mm Galvanized Posts = $50.00 each with a cap

Optional Accessories
Bucket Outlet = $55.00
Leaf Eater = $70.00
First Flush Diverter = FREE with Installation
Thin Pots $12.00 each including connectors

1000L-installation-pad dimensions

Slim Thin Tanks Colour Chart

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