Optional Extras Information

If we are installing your tank, we offer the following optional extras:

First Flush Rainwater Diverter

We recommend a 1st flush system be connected when installing your rainwater tank. The 1st flush system is connected to the downpipe and takes the first flow of water which may contain contaminants from the roof and gutters and seals it off, then automatically diverts the remaining flow to the tank. A slow release valve ensures the chamber empties itself after rain and resets automatically. We recommend cleaning it out after a rain or prior to the next rain. It improves water quality and protects pumps and internal appliances.

We install a First Flush Diverter free with all our installation packages.

Leaf Eater

The leaf eater prevents debris from entering the Rain Harvesting system, improves water quality and reduces tank maintenance. Most tanks have a leaf litter screen at the inlet point, but if a tank is not using the provided inlet point, the leafeater will do the job. This may apply when height is an issue and the inlet needs to be made in to a side entry point. 

Wall Bracket

We recommend the use of the Z shaped wall brackets for the 1000L and 2000L slim thin tanks to secure the tanks when they are empty to prevent them from moving. The Z bracket is attached to bricks with rated anchor bolts or in to stud walls with appropriate bolts to hold the weight of the tank.

Free Standing Base Bracket

The free standing base brackets require a suitable depth concrete footing or tank pad to secure a rated anchor bolt in to. Our engineer recommends a tank pad of 150mm concrete depth for installations. Base brackets will not be effective on pavers.

Free Standing Post

The 1000L Thin Tank needs to be secured with either the wall brackets or if free standing will need to have 65mmx65mmx2250mm galvanized posts cemented into the ground to a depth of 600mm.

Bucket Outlet

A Bucket Outlet can be requested when ordering if the customer wishes to attach a filter to fill a jug for drinking. Remember, the Slim Thin rainwater tanks are made out of food grade polyethylene so if the proper filter is used, the rainwater collected is safe to drink. The bucket outlet is installed at approximately 400mm from the ground to allow enough room for a bucket to fit under the tap.