Domestic Pressure Pumps

jmm100 prefilter
onga dominator waterswitch

At Slim Thin Tanks we encourage customers to get the most out of rainwater harvesting, storage and usage.

We are retail distributors for Onga and Bromic products and can provide a suitable pressure pump for customers requirements.

We recommend the use of Onga Waterswitch products. Systems that automatically select the water source with rainwater given the priority over mains supply. Mains water is supplied when the tank is empty or in the event of a power outage.They are automatic controllers for rainwater harvesting supplying water for toilets, laundries, irrigation and the whole house. They can be paired with jet, multistage, and submersible pumps.

Jet, multistage, and submersible pumps are also sold as individual items depending on requirements.

We also offer a cheaper pump to connect to the tank just for watering the garden as it can get quite frustrating without a bit of pressure.

We are not experts on filtration, but we do know that there are many types of filters that do many things.

Our focus is on whole of house filters for protecting appliances like toilets and washing machines. We also use pre-filters in our pumps to protect the pumps from sediment interfering with the internal workings.

A dual system with a sediment and a carbon filter are what we recommend to start with.


rainwater harvesting dual whole house filtration
dual filtered in to house
single 10 brass outlet
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