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Rainwater harvesting and usage is our passion! At Slim Thin Tanks we want to share the benefits of collecting, storing and using rainwater. We all need to do our part to manage our natural resources. We can guide you in choosing the most suitable rainwater harvesting system for you.

Don't take fresh water for granted!

John & Robyn Auld

Clayton Auld

Sharon Auld

John and Robyn Auld established Slim Thin Tanks in 2011 to introduce the stylish and space saving Australian made Thin Tanks to the people of metropolitan Perth.
They lived on their farm and always had fresh rainwater to drink and when they visited family in Perth they always brought their own water because they didn’t like the taste of Perth water. 
After building their retirement house in Victoria Park, John set about looking for a rainwater tank suitable for the confined spaces of an urban block. 
He found the only viable solution in Adelaide and quickly became the Perth Distributor of Thin Tanks. 
The Victoria Park house has 16,000 Litres of tank storage and rainwater is used throughout the house for everything including drinking.
John has now passed on but we want to honour him by continuing to grow the business that he was so passionate about.
In 2014 John handed the business on to Clayton and Sharon.
Clayton previously worked across Australia in the drilling industry and worked on the farm during rostered breaks. He has a wide range of experience with tools, equipment, and machinery. From working in isolated and remote parts of the country, Clayton has experience in problem solving and being creative with finding solutions. 
Clayton is meticulously accurate when installing a tank and will not leave the job until it is completed to perfection. Clayton is the man to talk to about the design and dimensions of the tanks, pumps and installations. Clayton will design the right package for your requirements.
Sharon is the assistant installer and hands Clayton the tools he needs to get the job done. She also does all the administrative work like quoting, filing and finances. Sharon has a long background as an Administration and Operations Manager in the Northern Territory, prior to moving to WA with Clayton.

Water is Life

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