Products & Services

We recommend installing a full rainwater harvesting system and can provide all the products required. Our slimline tanks coupled with our recommended waterswitch pumps and filtration allow you to store, use and replenish the rainwater captured from your roof to get the full benefit of your rainwater harvesting system.

We specialize in Thin Tanks Products and are the authorised distributor and installer in the Perth region. The new 4000 Litre Thin Tank is a must have for our small back yards.

Thin Pots Vertical Gardens

The Thinpots Vertical Garden System is the specifically designed planter pots to complement the Thintanks™ range of slimline rainwater tanks.

Pressure Pumps and Filtration

rainwater harvesting pump kit

Onga Waterswitch Pump Kit for the full benefits of rainwater harvesting

rainwater harvesting dual whole house filtration

Dual Whole House Filtration System

At Slim Thin Tanks we encourage customers to get the most out of rainwater harvesting, storage and usage. We use Onga pumps and Pentair filtration on all our installations.

For the best outcome, we recommend installing a pump and filtration system and plumbing your rainwater into your house. When plumbed into the toilets and laundry, the tank will continuously empty and refill. A dual filtration system is required if considering drinking your rainwater.

Clayton installing the ball valve tap

Deliveries and Installations

Our standard delivery charges are for 1 x tank delivered within 80 km of Perth GPO or you are welcome to pick up your tank from our depot in Yanchep. 

We do not charge extra for delivery or installation within the 80km region. A charge per km will be added for areas over 80km. 

We do not charge extra for installations out of the 80km region.

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