Thin Pots Vertical Gardens

The Thinpots Vertical Garden System is the specifically designed planter pots to complement the 1000 and 2000 litre Thintanks™.

Thinpots are designed to hang on the front of the Thintanks™ by clipping directly onto the irrigation pipe that is supported by concealed clips inserted into the cross wall connection voids in the Thintanks™.

Thinpots Vertical Garden System have a penetration at the top and in the middle of the pot to allow for an irrigation dripper to be installed and have two small drainage holes in the bottom.

Both the 1000L and 2000L Slimthintanks can accommodate up to 42 thin pots on each side of the tank [stand-alone tanks].

There are 6 x rows of Thin Pots with 7 x Thin Pots in each row.

Each Thin Pot planter will be fed by a drip irrigation system, which will be built into the current horizontal grooves on the slimthintanks using a Toro NGE 2L/H drip emitter to ensure that every pot consistently gets the same amount of water. Gravity alone is not enough to water the pots from the tank, so a pump will be required to use the tank water. 

The existing cross-wall connection plugs are replaced with connectors [sold with Thin Pots], 13mm irrigation pipe is clipped on, and then the Thin Pots are hung from the irrigation pipe.

The Thin Pot will make your Thin Tank more than just a water tank – it will become a tank that grows, a living green wall.

Thin Pots can be purchased at the same time as your Thin Tank, or at any time after installing your tank.

Price $12.00 per pot which includes the required connectors.

Thin Pots can also hang from a free standing frame, wall mounted frame or a balcony privacy screen.

Thin Pots come in 3 x colours – MERINO, MONUMENT, and SLATE GREY

Thin Pots Colour Chart

Thin Pots Installation

Thin Pots Brochure

  • Wooden fence panel incorporating a Thin Pots vertical garden system
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